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    Risk Transfer specialists and a solutions powerhouse in Enterprise and Project Risk Management in emerging economies
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    A polyhedral approach to Risk Analysis and subsequent diagnosis
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    Public and Private Sector risk management

About Us

We have set RTS S.A. up as a provider of high value added risk solutions designed to shield companies and/or projects from the unwanted adverse effects of risk and uncertainty in emerging economies.

Based in Asunción, Paraguay, at the heart of South America´s progressively more interdependent economies, our experience, nurtured in years of local practice in this region, allows us to bring innovative and, cost effective solutions to our clients.

We take a holistic approach in our mission of developing risk management programs designed to minimize the unwanted adverse effects of uncertainty by deploying leading edge risk elimination, prevention, mitigation tools, as well as carefully crafted risk transfer solutions.

Fields of Practice

This is what we are good at

Construction & Engineering

• EPC risk management and/or project management.
• Project Finance.
• PPP risk management.
• Contingent and/or catastrophe planning.

Financial Institutions

• Project risk analysis
• Credit enhancements
• Risk and insurance due diligence.

Insurers and/or Reinsurers

• Strategic planning
• Corporate Governance advisory.
• New Product development.
• M&A

Industry and Transportation

• Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
• Fleet risk management
• Contract review focused on risk and responsibility assignment.
• Port risk management and insurance structuring.
• Shipyard risk management and insurance structuring


• Supplier credit enhancement
• Forward Sale & Purchase contractual risk management
• Feedstock agreement risk mitigation plans.

Public Sector

• Public Sector risk management
• Tender document revision.
• Public Private Project risk management

Our Services in a Nutshell


Risk Management

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, but certainty is an absurd one” Voltaire - 18th century

Wikipedia defines Risk management as “the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives) followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Risk management’s objective is to assure uncertainty does not deflect the endeavor from the business goals”.
In developing nations the speed of change often drives local entrepreneurs and/or investors to take a rather superficial view of risk in its broader sense. Productivity, market penetration and profitability seem to prevail primarily because most have survived extremely harsh economic as well as political crisis which make them feel somewhat immune to risk.
Peter Drucker once said "What´s measured improves”. We work to persuade our clients that this also applies to risk and uncertainty which when managed improves. Our goal is to progressively persuade local and/or regional entrepreneurs that the implementation of best risk management practices are key to sustainable growth.


Project Management

“Start with the end in mind” Stephen Covey.

As foreign direct investment gradually flows spawning a variety of new projects such as shipyards, PPP´s, transmission and distributions lines, clean water and sewage, roadworks, to quote just but a few, available qualified professionals are increasingly in demand. We provide a broad array of services following the project from its conception through to completion whilst coordinating the training and coaching required to bring local professionals up to speed. Our aim is not only to ensure timely execution it also encompasses ensuring learning curve goals are achieved.

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  • Phone: +595 973 614 999
  • Email: info@rts.com.py